Why is it so important to recycle old shoes and clothes?

  • Textiles and shoes have become consumer goods in today’s society. People buy, wear and discard a whole variety of clothes as the seasons and fashions change. In fact, around 750,000 tonnes of old clothes are thrown away in Germany every single year. In most cases, people discard their old clothes because they no longer fit or quite simply because they’ve gone off them – not because they can’t be worn anymore. Which means, of course, that the majority of the discarded clothes are anything but waste. There are three major benefits to recycling such textiles.

    • Benefit 1: Less waste

      Throwing old clothes and shoes into the residual waste bin not only increases volumes of waste and waste disposal costs, it also means they are lost to us forever. The materials are incinerated rather than reused.

    • Benefit 2: Greater humanity

      Collecting and recycling old clothes is one of the most sensible and cost-effective ways to meet the world’s demand for clothing and textiles and it also creates jobs.

    • Benefit 3: Greater sustainability

      Recycling textiles is a sustainable and cost-effective way to protect our planet’s raw materials. Re-using clothes means fewer new products are needed which, in turn, reduces consumption of natural resources and energy.

  • Beware of illegal clothing collections!

    RE TEXTIL Deutschland promotes legitimate textile recycling schemes as it only works with established textile collection businesses.

What is the most sensible way to recycle old clothes?

  • Textile recycling schemes can have a positive social impact, if the chain of operations is transparent from beginning to end. We ensure this is the case by only working with established textile collection businesses. This assurance gives those donating their clothes peace of mind as they know their donations will be recycled correctly and fairly.

    How the social value chain works in the textile recycling sector

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