Materials recycling – in the truest sense of the word

    • If you are looking for a textile recycling company that provides professional and transparent services, then RE TEXTIL Deutschland GmbH is the business to turn to. The materials we receive are collected and passed on to us by our long-standing partners who operate in both the private and public sectors. Moreover, we also get supplies from specialist businesses who source their textiles from clothing banks and kerbside collections. Certified to handle all types of textiles, our recycling business enables our clients to have their old clothes and shoes recycled professionally and sustainably. Our warehouse is located in Polch near the German city of Koblenz and is easy to reach as it is just off the A48 motorway.

    • We are a certified expert waste management company according to the German law (EfbV)

      Our mission

      To conserve natural resources by recovering raw materials so they can be re-used

      Our goal

      To promote sustainable development by recycling all of the textiles we receive

For those few cases where the textiles may not be reused. Find out more about destroying branded clothing and company uniforms

  • Committed to our customers and to sustainability

    • RE TEXTIL is not only our company name – it also reflects our area of expertise. Being a textile recycling business, we see it as our duty to ensure our operations are efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We are able to guarantee that 100% of all materials delivered to us are recycled thanks to our state-of-the-art sorting plant and our highly qualified staff. Which means our work not only benefits our customers but the environment as well. Why? Because it is a well-proven fact that recovering and re-using raw materials from old textiles helps conserve our planet’s natural resources.

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    What happens to the clothes and shoes that have been donated?

Responsibility in practice – and not just when it comes to recycling textiles

  • The majority of the old textiles that we sort come from a catchment area of approx. 150 kilometres around our company premises near the German city of Koblenz. This helps reduce our carbon footprint – something that is very much appreciated by our customers as well. The way RE TEXTIL operates its business is further proof of just how responsible it is. We always purchase our textiles for a fair price that is set out and fixed in a contract. Which also means that we are helping – indirectly – to increase the amount of money available to local authorities. At the same time, our sorting plant has created numerous jobs in inland Germany – especially for low-skilled workers.

Sorting processes with just one goal in mind: 100% recycling

    • Our state-of-the-art sorting plant handles several tons of old clothes and shoes every single day. We not only process the raw materials, we also turn them into new final products – one of RE TEXTIL Deutschland’s particular strengths. As our operations are based on the cradle-to-cradle principle (reusing the same resources again and again by using production methods that conserve raw materials), we ensure that 100% of all textiles are recycled – an important contribution towards protecting the environment.

    • How we recycle textiles

Locally based logistics – on a grand scale

    • Thanks to our global sales network, we are able to export our recycled textiles all around the world. For us, however, logistics also means being close to our customers to provide them with the services they need. If requested, we can collect the textiles from our partners or help them with their logistics by supplying them with swap bodies.

    • Our logistics solutions – just a click away
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Our product categories – just the way you want them

    • RE TEXTIL Deutschland offers its customers the whole range of product qualities. We have, for example, over 240 products for second-hand clothes and shoes. What’s more, we can also sort the materials to meet our customers’ exact quality requirements should they wish us to. One of the fundamental principles of our business is to make sure that as many of the old textiles as possible are re-used. If they can’t be used as second-hand clothing, then they are turned into cleaning cloths or sold on to industrial businesses as recycled material.

    • We’re very happy to tell you more about our different product categories. Get in touch with us now

    Our company grades old textiles and shoes into the following categories:

Secure clothing destruction services for those special cases

  • Old textiles cannot always be sent for materials recycling so that they can be reused. Brand-name products or clothes with company logos have to be safely and securely destroyed to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands or make their way onto the black market. By cooperating with RHENUS, we are also able to offer you secure clothing destruction services to prevent your unwanted textiles being used for fraudulent purposes. The whole of the chain is secure – from the moment the material is collected to when it is thermally treated and destroyed.

    We can guarantee that the whole of our destruction system is secure:

    All stages monitored
    The system is monitored from beginning to end. The material is transported by our own trucks which can all be tracked via GPS.

    Securely shredded
    The material is shredded into tiny particles so that it is completely unrecognisable and impossible to use even before it is incinerated.

    Thermal treatment
    All the material is incinerated in powerful disintegrators at secure locations.

    Qualified staff
    The staff deployed to carry out this work are all highly qualified. Each employee has handed in a Police Certificate confirming that they do not have a criminal record.

    There are a number of sectors – such as security and CEP services – where unauthorised people can get hold of unwanted textiles to sell or use them illegally. We can help prevent this happening.
    Learn more about RHENUS’ product destruction services

The profitable way to sell old clothes and shoes – with RE TEXTIL

  • Are you a charitable organisation, an association, a city council or a district authority? Then you could tap into an additional source of revenue to help fund your social work or boost your public purse. RE TEXTIL Deutschland offers a legitimate, transparent, environmentally friendly and fair way to have your old textiles and shoes recycled.

    This includes:

      • Prices fixed by contract
      • Transparent operations
      • Collection and delivery services
      • Provision of swap bodies
      • Provision of clothing banks by our partner firms
      • Marketing of old clothes and shoes

Would you like to find out more? Then send us a written enquiry (no commitment on your part) or give us a call at: +49 2654 8810 800 or use our contact form

Working with our partners for a good cause

  • RE TEXTIL Deutschland’s suppliers and partners are primarily charitable organisations, associations, city councils, district authorities and accredited textile collection firms. We pay great attention to ensuring that the used textiles are only collected by legally compliant businesses. Our partners include:

    Please contact us if you would like us to provide you with a more detailed list of references.

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